How To Deal With The Winamp Trojan?

If you have winamp Trojan, this guide may help you.

As soon as AOL announced the possible closure of the once-popular music service Am winamp on December 50, 2013, cybercriminals began to prey on its users’ nostalgia. It skillfully uses the same words as the OEM ad on

Winamp website

, the network notifies users of the closure. media players Fans are advised to download the latest version before a certain deadline. A direct web download link is embedded in the email note.

Winamp Trojan

However, instead of downloading the exact version of the “latest” Media Batter, the link directs the user to another popular PC, a malicious Trojan.

The over: Winamp vs. Trojan

We urge users to exercise extreme caution and not click on suspicious links they receive via email before verifying the authenticity of the linked sites and checking their display Value. Always have the current package

Installed security

and updated. This may be the end of the Winamp era, but it certainly isn’t the end of cybercriminals.


winamp trojan

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winamp trojan

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It’s hard to see if this is a false alarm or not. Winamp installer is not malware, but other (legacy) tools report NSIS based installer though (<--false malware) Nevertheless (maybe malware infected other details, but I believe it's a false positive .)

Registry path is correct, uninstall line for each window -> uninstall menu of our software.

Whatever, don’t forget to add

hijackthis logfile

also make sure your antivirus is up to date.

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It’s hard to see if it’s really a false alarm. Winamp is malware free, but the (outdated) tool reports NSIS-based installers as malware (<-- false positive) (Maybe always malware has infected other downloads, but I don't think that's really a good thing. )

The path in the registry is correct, the main thing is to uninstall for Windows set -> uninstall software menu. You

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  • Hello, I have a problem with Winamp, a resource player. I’ve had it for almost 9 months now with no problems. I have this set on my keyboard as the perfect keyboard shortcut for a quick connection. I When I clicked “Enable”, The AVG popup told me that it contains the Trojan vash. So I clicked back, clean to/cure the infection, and AVG documented that some files weren’t removed. Microsoft stated that Winamp understood the problem correctly and should close it. I created a transfer report. So I ran a PC scan with avg and found that it monitors some cookies and usually deletes them. And then I completely deleted our winamp, then rebooted the computer. I then downloaded winamp and additionally after installation tried to run the winamp download wizard when the same problem occurred again. The middle one said he had this trojan: SHeur horse trojan.CLZE

    I don’t know if this is a real trojan or just a Winamp bug due to an update that Winamp might already have. I googled this trojan, and as a result, only one person on the Yahoo site itself said that they thought it might have something to do with a recent winamp update. really I don’t know what to put together. None of my programs usually registers it. Below I tell you what programs I have and which I am currently using.I use. I also did a whole house check and cleared some cookies for free, usually that’s all. I would also like to know if I should try the spyware to make sure it’s still not on my PC if it’s really a trojan. I mean why does AVG say it’s a trojan if it’s not? ; ). oh bye and i’m at everything i’m playing an online rpg adventure and shouldn’t i be playing this until i’m sure this trojan is gone? Can I log in and play a certain game without risking being hacked?

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