troubleshoot air hockey

When You turn on your air hockey table and find that it doesn’t play like it normally does, the puck doesn’t seem to move much at all and it’s hard for you to get the puck from one end of the table to the other, this will certainly be quite frustrating. The NHL needs a lot of TLC.In this air hockey table, we’ll go over the main troubleshooting steps.I’ll go over many common problems you’ll encounter, how to fix them, and what to do to get your furniture to work properly, as this method should.< /p>

Find The Problem

troubleshoot air hockey

Regular maintenance is the new duty of a serious gaming bed owner, but many of us have been guilty of not taking care of our tables. As soon as we stop cleaning or checking the air on the softball table, we will find that your table ventilation system cannot work as efficiently, the puck may move slowly, and the table surface may look dirty and untidy. Luckily, for many people, these issues can be easily resolved with a little elbow trim or a one or two piece replacement.

If there is food on your table, the washer won’t slide on the table, the motor won’t turn on at all, and/or the surface or the aficionado won’t work, you need to check first, refer to the User Help and Troubleshooting section, in which some common problems that many spreadsheets and especially the newer model may encounter can be listed. If you’ve tried the quick troubleshooting tips in the user guide without success, read on for some easy fixes for common air hockey table problems.

Replacement And Maintenance Of The Washing Machine

Why is my air hockey table not working?

Clean and reinstall fan. Sometimes the engine stops automatically for safety reasons. Check the bottom of the motor for a reset button. If this hard reset button was aactivated, your broadcast hockey table should start easily after pressing and reconnecting the control button.

Did you know that a full washer can actually break? After the puck has been in use for the probable period of time, its levitation ability may decrease.tsya. If you’ve followed the above tips to no avail, try putting a new special puck on the table. Luckily, a new washer only costs a few dollars. In fact, choose the right puck size for your table because a puck that is too light can easily come off the table and one that is too heavy can cause your shots to be wasted. Tables intended for home use often have fans that are not powerful enough to support the same types of bulky slot machine pucks used in tournament and quality tables. Luckily, lighter pucks cost less than stronger ones. This way you can buy in bulk and have extra washers on hand in case you lose or break yours.

Also, if you end up with a heavy arcade puck, it’s compatible with your table, after which the puck can slow down due to abrasions. If the puck hits a little more unevenly, it can increase the chance of friction, which greatly reduces the speed at which the puck slides.

Whoyou can, you use fine-grained sandpaper to sand out the roughness in those places where the washer is felt. This should be part of your regular table maintenance and should only take a few minutes.

Faulty Plug

Before you decide that your air hockey chair is broken, malfunctioning, or in need of serious repair, the first thing to check is the outlet. In some cases, the outlet will definitely be the real culprit, before you roll up your sleeves and play detective, try plugging your dining table into a different outlet. You should also do a voltage test. If the outlet is not working, turn off the circuit breaker and reapply power to that particular panel. High current can cause the circuit breaker to trip, especially if several serious appliances or devices are connected to the same outlet.

Not a problem if you have a football table as most of them are battery operated!

Cleanliness On Your Table

How do you fix the airflow on an air hockey table?

If your air hockey table is no longer blowing air on you, it simply means that the table needs a good cleaning. You may need to clean the fan and fans under the table that trap dirt and dust in the consumers, as well as clean some holes in the countertop.

J Knows Whether you think a dirty air hockey dessert can cause friction and slow down the puck, over time it could clog up which can slow down the puck significantly, or you may end up finding the table dirty


Dead spots are points on the playing surface where air enters, so the puck stops in its path if it touches one of these areas of the product. It can be very difficult for a new office owner, but those who have owned an office for many years will immediately understand why the office is most often associated with spring cleaning.

How can I make my air hockey puck slide better?

The science in the dust of an air hockey game is that the smooth, slippery surface of an air hockey table can eliminate friction by hanging the puck on a small cushion of air. This will help the puck slide and slide in a straight line much more easily than in a smooth one.

Start by entering the board and listening to each engine. Does it look like a running engine? Check your system fan and see if your company can detect ambient noise.

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