Socket Error Issue = #10054 Cuteftp

If you are experiencing socket error = #10054 cuteftp on your PC, this guide can help you. The most common cause of socket error 10054 is the use of an invalid FTP host address. Make sure you are still dealing with the correct FTP host. Before making any changes to most of CuteFTP’s default configurations, please wait and try logging in again later.

Fixed: Use IPsec on the web server to specify the IP address of an authorized FTP client. And configure the exceptions listed in the Windows Firewall on the server.

What are the common causes of socket Error 10054?

Because. Error 10054 occurs when a connection is changed by a peer application, which is usually caused by a firewall misconfiguration.

I don’t get confused by problems too often… but this one is confusing and really gets the highest score.

socket error = #10054 cuteftp

I’m having a lot of trouble setting up an FTP connection with ANYONE to the various websites I work with. The problem is not permanent and I successfully log in about 10% of the time (which I think is even more confusing).

Whenever I try to make an FTP connection, I connect successfully 90% of the time, but the times I disconnect immediately with socket error 10054 use

I have two different programs namely CUFTP PRO 8.3 and Firefox FireFTP.Is

How do I fix network socket Error 10054?

Make sure the address for this particular computer or host is correct .Check the appropriate other computer or remote computer if it is still on and additionally off.Make sure the rrn network is still active between you and the other computer.Check the network of another computer if the software is not available.

fireftp provides the best contact, it sometimes connects and canCan’t send available data… but most of the time it just says “I’ll try to reconnect in 10 seconds”.

This issue occurs on my Vista 64 machine, but I still have to point out that most of you are having the same issue on an XP machine.

This makes me think it’s my Linksys wireless router, but even putting my computer in the DMZ didn’t solve your current problem!

By the way, this problem is new, I never had this problem a few months ago.

STATUS:> [2009-05-28 15:46:59] Input gets ""...STATUS:> [2009-05-28 15:46:59] Host resolves name to ftp.***************.com...STATUS: > [2009-05-28 15:46:59] Official hostname ftp.****************************.com allowed: ip= 232.184.STATUS:> [2009-05-28 15:46:59] FTP connection to computer... ftp.***************.com:21 ( .232.184) ...STATUS: > [2009-05-28 15:46:59] The socket is connected. Waiting for a welcome message...[2009-05-28 15:47:00] 220---------- Welcome to Pure-FTPd [privsep] [TLS] ----------220 - you are user number 5 out of 30 authorized.220 local time is now 15:47. Transfer server: 21.220-This is a Private Community - Anonymous Entry Denied n.220 will be disabled towards idle after more than 3 minutes.STATUS: > [2009-05-28] 3:47:00 Connected. Confirm...TEAM: > [2009-05-28 15:47:00] USER ***************[05/28/2009 03:47:00 PM] 331 User OK **************.Password requiredTEAM:>[2009-05-28 15:47:00] PASS*****[05/28/2009 15:47:00] 230 users ************* have group access of which: 450230 Good. Current folder /STATUS: > [2009-05-28 15:47:00] Connection successful.TEAM:>[2009-05-28 15:47:00] PWD[2009-05-28 15:47:00] 257 "/" your current locationSTATUS: > [2009-05-28 15:47:00] Home directory: /TEAM:>[2009-05-28 3:47:00 BEHAVIOR[05/28/2009] 15:47:00] Informational message only:Supported 211 extensions:EPRTNEUTRALMDTMCUTRESERVE CURRENTMLST type*;size*;size*;change*;UNIX.mode*;UNIX.uid*;UNIX.gid*;unique*;MLSDIS PPASVEPSVESTAspvTLS AUTHENTICATIONPBSZPROTECTION211 end.Status: > [2009-05-28 15:47:00] Features of this page.STATUS:> [2009-05-28 15:47:00] This is the SIZE of the page reinforcement.STATUS: > [2009-05-28 15:47:00] This page allows you to resume failed downloads.STATUS: > [2009-05-28 15:47:00] Time and location synchronizationTEAM:>[28.05.2009 15:47:00] TYPE I[2009-05-28 15:47:00] 200 is 8-bit binary ASAPTEAM:>[2009-05-28 15:47:00] PASV[05/28/2009 15:47:00] 227 enter passive mode (xxx,xxx,232,184,196,49)TEAM:>[2009-05-28 15:47:00] REST 0[2009-05-28 15:47:00] 450 reboot to 0COMMAND: > [2009-05-28 15:47:00] STOR gs_tmp_tz.4823.29STATUS:> [2009-05-28 15:47:00] FTP socket connection details...[05/28/2009 15:47:00] 150 Connection accepted[Data from 05/28/2009, 03:47:01 PM] File 226 was successfully transferred226 0.092 time steps (measured here), 10.82 bytes in 3:47:01 secondsCOMMAND: >[2009-05-28] SIZE gs_tmp_tz.4823.29[05/28/2009 03:47:01 PM] 1TEAM:>[05/28/2009 213 15:47:01] MDTM gs_tmp_tz.4823.29[2009-05-28 15:47:01] 213 20090528224731COMMAND:>[2009-05-28 15:47:01] DELE gs_tmp_tz.4823.3:47:01 29[05/28/2009] 250 Deleted gs_tmp_tz.4823.29STATUS: > [2009-05-28 15:47:01] timezone -8:00) (GMT.TEAM:>[2009-05-28 15:47:01] TYPE A[2009-05-28 15:47:01] 200 TYPE is now ASCIITEAM:>[2009-05-28 15:47:01] PASVERROR: > [2009-05-28 15:47:04] Failed to check socket management. Socket error means #10054.ERROR: > [2009-05-28 15:47:04] Failed to set up data socket.

I have a small question about Windows Outlet error 10054. If anyone knows anything about this, please share your experience.

You’ll find out soon how Windows handles socket error 10054.

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