How To Deal With Invalid References To A Pivot Table Data Source?

In this guide, we’ll cover some of the possible reasons that can cause a pivotTable data source link to be invalid, and then I’ll talk about possible ways to get rid of this problem.


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Summary: This article will help you learn how to improve Excel in various ways. Linking to a data source is not just a valid mistake. However, get detailed information about it. why you should get this error and how to fix the error “The original data source measure of the pivot table is invalid”.

Many Excel users are reporting that when they try to create a specific pivot table in the spreadsheet, excel throws the exact error: “data source referenced and invalid”.

You usually get inconvenienced when you open an Excel workbook whose name contains square brackets ([]) and try to create pivot tables using data from the workbook.

Practical Scenario:

Well, that was a very annoying mistake, but it’s definitely common because it’s not too alien to a particular version of Excel. Let’s use our personal experience to better describe the Excel Data Source Reference.

How do I fix a pivot table reference?

In the Create Table Pivot dialog box, check the Table/Range selection to make sure you haven’t selected many empty columns next to the record data table.Find the current columns hidden in the data source panel.If there are usually merged cells in the row being deleted, break them apart and add a new header to each cell.

Recently I got this error message when trying to create a pivot table from a table in Excel 2007. I checked each column one by one and it is not empty. It annoys me a lot that the same data imported through the crm system sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. If I also give my In, the data of the catThese will be a range, and if I try to set only PT, I will get a repeated error.

pivot table data source reference is invalid

Please help!

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In any case, this is usually not something you can’t fix, see possible troubleshooting fixes for table summary data sources targeting an invalid error.

But before you continue, you should know what causes the error “Reference to original data is valid without errors” in Excel.

Why Do I Get An Excel “Data Source Reference Is Invalid” Error?

Why does my pivot table says data source reference is not valid?

Now when we work with PivotTables, we sometimes encounter this error “Probably data source reference is invalid”. Most likely, the cause of the error is one or moreof the following: A word in an Excel file contains “characters [” through “]” or parentheses. Detailed PivotTable source link points to a non-existent range.Aria-labeledby=”page-header”

The most common cause of square errors are brackets (invalid characters) in the Excel workbook filename.

However, while there are only a few culprits, others are likely to be investigated to see if referring to the resulting data source is not a valid message error.

1: The Excel File Is Actually Saved On The Route You Have –

When trying to create a PivotTable from an Excel file that can be directly opened from a website and/or from an embeddede-mail, e-mail, you can see the corresponding error message. Since in this case the file could well have been opened from the temporary folder, it does not have the same read and write access as a regular folder.

If you can have a related scenario, first decide that referencing an Excel data source is not a valid error by simply creating the file on the local power source first.

2: Pivot Table Data Refers To Non-existent Range –

If a large variety is set incorrectly, that particular one caused the error. And you are trying to create an absolute pivot table with a wide undefined range, then the same error pops up. To correct the error, I would say that the panel is trying to create a pivot table in advance.

3: The Data Source Describes A Named Range Containing Invalid References –

This is another simple reason for the error that the mining source is invalid. If a range is defined such that there are references to invalid values, a specific error occurs. To make it all right , use the name manager to determine which values ​​are being referenced, as well as others that need modification for your solution.

4: Excel File Name Contains Brackets I –

Why is Excel saying reference is invalid?

Verify that the full location of the data source has changed. This is one of the main causes of the “Data source is definitely not valid” error. Even if you later change the name of the news fact source and , this may cause a new error. You also need to change the manufacturer in Excel connections.

Well, it was said recently that if a name in an Excel workbook contains square brackets, the link to the set’s summary data source will not be displayed. However, certain forbidden characters are not supported by PivotTables. So what you need to do is actually output that pivot table, delete it dynamically, its filename, and remove the square brackets and other forbidden characters.

So, here are some of the most common reasons why getting a useful data resource is not a valid error associated with Excel. To fix the error message, check out the possible treatments that have helped users in a similar situation.

How do I fix data source reference is not valid?

Remove the brackets from the filename. When deciding to accept to fix the error that the link to the source of evidence is invalid, a person can try to remove the parentheses based on the filename.

Be sure to research the order in which these companies appear.

How To Fix “Data Source Reference Invalid Error” In Excel?

Here are the next fixes you need to try to fix this source The Excel data source missing parsing errors is no longer valid.

Fix 1 Remove # Brackets From Filename

As stated above, this is the most common reason why the PivotTable Data Resource Reference throws an error.when

pivot table data source reference is invalid

So when you create a pivot table, the file doesn’t actually contain banned heroes. See also all the steps to change the reputation of an XLSX or XLS directory for blocked character deletions.

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