How Can I Troubleshoot Exit Status Issues For Sort Return Code 174?

You may encounter an error message indicating the exit status of return code rank 174. Now there are several ways to solve this problem, which we will discuss a little later.

Sun 14:20to , most of the output code is sort of the return value of the command executed by srun. Any non-zero exit is considered a task fatal error and will always result in the task status being FAILED with the reason “NonZeroExitCode”. The salir code is a number of unsigned bits equal to 8, ranging from 0 to 255.1420

Kate wrote: Maybe show us some part of your file. Did you need to read from the snapshot file? Do you have a commenttarry to the ININAME line? It’s right before ITLNAME.

exit status of rank return code 174

I may have trouble reading the Focring/bulk catalog of models. But I can find you a point, could you help me, no Thank you? I beg you. I will definitely become a racing model for one year from 2009.01.01.00:00:00 to 2009.12.31.00:00:00

This may mean that the file move time index is incorrect. Then I see the lead time file

exit status of rank return code 174

I don’t understand where is the error. The point at which I would create a forcing file in addition to the Dencep folder is the definition of the previous month and the following months. I don’t know why, the roms_tools scripts of your current agrif account work.

What does status code 174 mean?

Status Code 174 “Media Director – A system error has occurred” occurs when backing up Windows clients on a gigabit interface to an Oracle SUN Solaris media server. Media status code 174 “Manager – A structural error has occurred” occurs when elevated Windows clients are copied to a gigabit interface during an Oracle SUN Solaris media server.

Model input parameters: Version Roms/toms 3.7                          Wednesday - June 29, 2016 - 4:57:58 PM System ------------------------ -------------------------------------------------- internal tide, 1/12 degree resolution Operating system: Linux CPU/Hardware: x86_64 Compiler config: ifort get compiler: /usr/local/mpi/bin/mpif90 Compiler flags: -heap-arrays -fp-model Precision -I/usr/local/mpi/include -g -try bounds -traceback -check unit -warn Interfaces named -gen-interfaces -free -free -free Login Script: SVN Root URL: SVN version: 783M Root local directory : /vol/home/student/lshw/roms/trunk Header directory: /vol/home/student/lshw/roms/MYPROJECT/rSSC12 Header list: ssc12.h Analytics /vol/home/student/lshw/roms/MYPROJECT/Features index: resolution, grid 01: 0275x0275x032, nodes 16, parallels: tiles: 004x004 Physical parameters, grid: 01 =============================      87600 Number of ntimes time steps for 3D equations.    360 Dt 000 For 3D equations in Time step (s).         48 ndtfast Number of time steps for 2D equations between                                 one 3D model time step each.           specific start set/sequence number ERstr.          ERend 1 End set/failure sequence number.          Nrrec 9 Number of wakeup records read from disk.          LcycleRST t Switch to reusing entries from the restart file.         78 nRST Number of time steps when recording data                                in the fields reboot from.          1 single ninfo number in the blink of an eye printed between info                                 for standard output.          T ldefout Toggle to create one or more extended output fa Catching NetCDF.      1200 nHIS Number of time steps between record fields                                in the recording file.      14400 ndefHIS Number of time steps between the growth of new                                 customs records.    864000 ntsAVG No to start collecting output                                The data are averaged over time.     864000 nAVG Number of time steps between records                                 disk is averaged over time over the average file.     864000 ndefAVG

Etat De Sortie Du Rang Code Retour 174
Exit Status Von Rang Ruckkehrcode 174
순위 반환 코드 174의 종료 상태
Status De Saida Do Codigo De Retorno De Classificacao 174
Stato Di Uscita Del Codice Di Ritorno In Classifica 174
Estado De Salida Del Codigo De Retorno De Rango 174
Status Wyjscia Z Kodu Powrotu Rangi 174
Exit Status Van Rangretourcode 174
Utgangsstatus For Rangreturkod 174
Status Vyhoda Iz Ranga Kod Vozvrata 174

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