How Do You Deal With Playbook ID 13000 Error

Over the past few days, some users have encountered an error message with bug ID 13000 Playbook. This problem occurs for many reasons. We will review them below.

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    I can no longer buy apps from Appworld… I’m just starting to adjust. Does anyone have the same problem? I tried to change my Mastercard credit card information to Selected, but I’m getting error 12000. This issue needs to be resolved. I mean how can developers finally make money from their work when BB Appworld screwed up. I would love to buy apps for this compilation, but the app world won’t let me… Very frustrating


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    11-02-12 10:58

  2. Restart the PB.

    error id 13000 playbook

    This should work

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    11-02-12 11:10 am

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    Pedro Borgas

    Restart the PB.

    This should work

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    Thank you. I wanted to invest in the Bard’s Tale and A Day Life apps. Tried a few times where I even tried to re-enter my credit card details, everything was exactly the same. A few days ago I was able to buy themed time and emoticons. I can use this credit card to purchase apps compatible with my Nexus 7 without any problems. It’s sad that while RIM tried to get developers to get to the heart of the new BlackBerry operating system, they continued to ignore the problems plaguing BlackBerry’s Appworld payment system; This results in no income for our hardworking developers. Bringing great apps into the app world is one thing, getting developers to monetize enterprise apps is quite another. I have to check out Bard’s sideloading story and also sometime in my life if this happensComing soon, it will not be decided. I believe that xlabz, inxile and many others deserve every penny paid to be them… but I’m not sure Rome…

    11-03-12 06:55

  4. Tried the new Equis to get the problem on my 9930 and i got error id: 579024, not sure if it’s related, checked 3 times yesterday but checked again today

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    error id 13000 playbook

    11-03-12 07:22

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    Freya, is this working?

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    11-03-12 9:07 pm

  • Forget about your wireless network and add it again. who has already solved Appworld problems for you more than once

    11-03-12 21:12

  • I have a BlackBerry PlayBook and recently this
    The BlackBerry Appworld credit card has expired (Oct 12) and I got a great offer.
    I tried to update datu closure via Appworld, but it provides
    Permission Error ID: 12000 (See File Emotion). The last app I was able to buy through Appworld
    Playbook was Bulletime (October 29, 2012). Use
    Similarly, I can use my credit card to buy viral ads and books for my Nexus 5 via
    Google play and amazon no problem. I can even access apps/games
    my BlackBerry smartphone BlackBerry (via Appworld for Smartphones – I
    believes that RIM has another service provider for its smartphones
    even). Anyway, I used Debrick’s method and used a BBID and a credit card, but still. So, I tried to create a new BBID, did a security cleanup, and then tried the new BBID to set up a specific payment method (using the same bank card). To my surprise, he passed. The RIM PlayBook app/payment system is no doubt just as confusing. I’ll try to complete Debrick’s method again and use my old BBID accordingly.

    11-10-12 23:10

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