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Prima LT

Codec face=”Verdane” size=”2″>

Prima LT is the latest addition to our line of excellent electronic audio codecs. Whether It is stereo, bidirectional and additionally equipped with our enhanced MPEG Layer 2, MPEG Layer 3 and G.722 algorithms for maximum compatibility. Accepts prima digital interface module for direct connection of ISDN to V.35, X.21 or RS422.

Better sound quality

  • 24-bit A/D and Converters
  • MPEG color=”#000000″ 2 enhanced
  • MPEG color=”#000000″ Layer 3 and G.Face=”verdana” 722
  • Dynamic best range over 95 dB
  • Super low distortion <0.005%
  • Premium data up to 384 KB/s
  • AES/EBU/SPDIF optional
  • Very low distortion: less than 0.005%
  • Easiest to use

  • One ​​Touch Auto Dialing
  • Easy and intuitive menu navigation
  • Connects to any other MPEG G or .722 codec
  • No fan, for extra quiet operation
  • Updating software via the Internet
  • Removable racks for excessive table usage

  • Prima LT rear panel

    The Prima LT Digital Song Codec supports the same excellent audio standards as the CDQPrima series.Prima LT with enhanced MPEG Layer 2, MPEG Layer and 3 G.722 standards offers ISDN connectivity to data rates from 56up to 128 kbps. Bitrate 384 24Kbps is also supported by other digital transmission options.
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    Unlike other Prima audio codecs, ce LT is controlled by a microprocessor with powerful programming capabilities. Prima with Logic Language, you can program the Prima LT to perform functions such as:

  • Configure automatic call
  • Automatic detection algorithm face=”Verdana”
  • Prima LT uses plug-ins that allow you to connect directly to ISDN or any digital transmission system using V.35, X.21 .or .used today. RS422A interfaces. Prima LT’s broadcast mode allows you to independently broadcast two TV audio channels to two locations, or broadcast a mono program to two additional locations at the same time.


  • Universal power supply – no need to change frequency and power supply
  • Universal Port Adapter. No need to change “ROM” when transferringof your Prima LT to other countries. face=”verdana” will be
  • Gold-plated audio connectors and twenty-four-piece A/D and D/A converters provide exceptional audio performance. Our advanced audio processing circuit delivers performance: a remarkable 20kHz 20 bandwidth with an improved 92dB signal-to-noise ratio combined with 0.01% THD+N.
  • AES/EBU S/PDIF versus digital audio I/O is definitely available. Built-in 24-hour high-quality speed adapters provide electronic audio sampling rates of 0.05, 32, 44.1 and 48 kHz with internal visibility or sync. Face=”verdana” Size=”2″>
  • Advanced MPE G.Layer-2, MPEG-3 Layer and fully customizable G algorithms.722 increase data rate to 24384Kbps and sample rate 17 – 48 kHz. H.221 BONDING multiplexing and ccs inverse multiplexing protocols are common. Prima lt is fully compatible with Eureka DAB.
  • Memory forface=”Verdana” 256 speed dial numbers and speed dial entries. Each abbreviated dial consists of entering all encoder building data and up to two ISDN phone numbers. Prima LT comes pre-programmed with over three dozen of the most commonly used settings, including configurations, configuration settings used for other organic and natural product connections.
  • Stores up to 20 TA ISDN designs, each containing all TA parameters, SPID IDs and numbers. Face=”verdana” Face= “Verdane” on
  • Additional data includes a universal remote control, RS232 data and 12 control lines via the Internet.
  • Virtual can run commands on any Prima LT or Connected cdqprima.Face=”verdana”
  • Proximity and even distance control to a connected terminal or PC with RS232 or RS485 support. The RS485 remote control allows you to create up to 30 Prima LT or CDQPrima units that can be controlled from one PC.
  • Additional remote control software for Windows is available for easy point-and-click operations.
  • Software updates available from most Internet sites can be installed directly into the Prima LT via the remote management port at. Face = “verdana”
  • All can be protected by the unique multi-level stabilization system.
  • By encoding Layer 2 and MPEG Layer 3, the LT codec provides a first-class experience at the highest possible data rate. The dual channel mode of the LT prima allows you to broadcast two programs on separate ISDN “B” channels.

    Easy size=”2″>

  • Very large, with a beeping keyboard and one-button comfort keys.
  • Very large backlit LCD screen with adjustable contrast.
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